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Jun 162013


Combining a staff with decades of experience and ‘state of the art’ equipment, J.W. Shirtworks can manage embroidery projects of any size, from just a few items to very large orders. Each and every piece will be flawlessly stitched, producing exactly the artwork you approved. We specialize in polo shirts for restaurants and bars but we can stitch on a wide variety of garments (shirts, jackets, caps, hats, pants, etc) as well as totes and garment bags. In fact, we can stitch on virtually any piece of fabric.

Does your restaurant/bar need an upgraded look or do you have a special event coming-up, let your imagination run wild and get a free quote by email. Fill out our quick and easy on-line form (here).

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    I have a shirt I want to have a 3 inch orange tiger paw embroidered above the right pocket. What is your turn around time and how much. Thank you